Lawn Bowling

The Rules

One of the reasons Lawn Bowling is so popular at Brits is that it is so easy to play. Whatever age, gender, physical or academic prowess - it doesn't matter! Anybody can learn the rules and play to a good standard very quickly. It's very similar to Bocce Ball - just make sure you ROLL YOUR BOWLS!

The Basics

  • Two teams consisting of 1,2 or 4 players compete against each other.

  • Each team rolls 4 bowls per end towards an object ball (the jack); bowls are rolled alternately by the teams.

  • Each end lasts about 5 minutes, so over an hour you can normally play 12 or so ends.

  • The team with the closest bowl to the jack scores 1 point. If their next nearest bowl is closer to the jack than their opponent's best bowl then they score 2 points and so on. Therefore, the maximum points from one end is 4 points and the minimum is one point.

  • Teams can decide themselves what score they want to play up to, although many teams just keep score until their scheduled time is up.

  • Remember! The lawn needs a lot of care and attention - no running, no jumping and NO TOSSERS!

Let’s Play

Open Bowling - Saturdays & Sundays. Cost is $12 per person, per hour for adults and free for kids 12 and under. Reservations are not taken on Saturdays & Sundays open bowling.

*On weekday evenings if there are no Leagues or Green reservations we may do open bowling.

Green Reservations - Groups can reserve the Green by the hour Monday- Friday. The cost is $175 per hour for the whole Green (4 rinks) or $100 per hour for half the Green (2 rinks). No more than 8 people can play on one rink at any time. We don't currently rent just 1 rink.

Reservations - can be up to 2 weeks in advance.

*Green reservations DO NOT come with any private areas or table reservations; the reservation is for the Green only (drink service is available on the Green, however food is not allowed).

Brit's Bowling Club

Brit's Bowling Club started in 1998. The Club is fully subscribed at present and, unfortunately, there is approximately a 10-year wait for a team. Our club is comprised of two leagues, the Premier and the Scottish, playing on Tuesday and Monday nights through the summer.