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Upcoming Football


We will be showing lots of matches from the Women’s World Cup (WWC), the Copa America (CA), the Euro Qualifiers (EQ) and the Gold Cup (GC) including all of USA WNT and USA MNT games.

SATURDAY 22 JUNE (Doors 10.00 AM)
2.00 PM - Norway v Australia (WWC)
2.00 PM - Peru v Brazil (CA) - outdoor big screen)
2.00 PM - Bolivia v Venezuela (CA)
4.30 PM - Guyana v Panama (CA)
7.00 PM - USA v Trinidad & Tobago (GC - outdoor big screen)

SUNDAY 23 JUNE (Doors 10.00 AM)
10.30 AM - England v Cameroon (WWC - outdoor big screen)
2.00 PM - France v Brazil (WWC)
2.00 PM - Colombia v Paraguay (CA - outdoor big screen)
2.00 PM - Qatar v Argentina (CA)
5.00 PM - Canada v Cuba (GC)
7.30 PM - Martinique v Mexico (GC - outdoor big screen)

MONDAY 24 JUNE (Doors 10.30 AM)
11.00 AM - Spain v USA (WWC - outdoor big screen)
2.00 PM - Sweden v Canada (WWC)
5.30 PM - Bermuda v Nicaragua (GC)
6.00 PM - Chile v Uruguay (CA)
6.00 PM - Ecuador v Japan (CA)
8.00 PM - Haiti v Costa Rica (GC)

TUESDAY 25 JUNE (Doors 10.30 AM)
11.00 AM - Italy v China (WWC)
2.00 PM - Netherlands v Japan (WWC)
7.00 PM - Jamaica v Curacao (GC)
9.30 PM - Honduras v El Salvador (GC)

5.30 PM - Trinidad & Tobago v Guyana
8.00 PM - Panama v USA

$5.00 Heineken, Amstel Light, Newcastle, Strongbow and Dos Equis beer specials
$6 Absolut and Jameson specials

Some games will be show on the outdoor screen - we will try to indicate these above.

Free parking for weekend games before noon in Brit’s lot (11th Street and Nicollet)

If you don't see a soccer game you'd like to see send us an email at . We have access to so many channels we cannot list every game available!

(If games are streamed we cannot always guarantee the quality 100% - though usually perfect!)

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